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Adventures and Tales of How Sea Bags Are Made

Sail Trade Story: Heidi Gadbois

When we hand-cut our retired sailcloth, we sometimes speculate where the sail may have taken its previous owner: perhaps across the bay on a perfect sunny day; island hopping along the cay over glasslike ocean; or a sunset cruise out and back in the dog days of August.

The Legendary S/Y Tiziana

We often daydream about the stories our reclaimed sails could tell...Tales of narrow escapes on a sandbar, windy races, and lazy summer afternoons following the wind are embedded along with salt spray in the fibers of the sailcloth. With the recent acquisition of the sails from a storied midcentury sailing yacht, our minds have gone to the Italian and French riviera. Days spent basking in the sun on the Amalfi coast, or smooth passage from Monaco to Saint Tropez. Island hopping in the Mediterranean, chasing the wind to the next destination whenever you see fit. The sails of your ship billowing as currents change and waters rise and fall. All these memories archived in the weathered cloth.

Indigo Rising

In addition to our focus on Sustainability and being Made in the USA, a third pillar of Sea Bags' mission is giving back to our community. We can't give back to every organization we are approached by, but we can make a broader impact in our community by committing to long-running and lasting partnerships. While we've partnered with some like the Maine Cancer Foundation for more than a decade, we occasionally find new opportunities that align with our goals. The Indigo Arts Alliance (IAA) is one of those new opportunities that we are now in our third year of supporting.

Sail Charlevoix

We opened up our stores in Michigan, the Great Lake State, because of their passionate and massive sailing community. One such member of this community is Diane Allen, a volunteer for Sail Charlevoix, and self-proclaimed "Sailing Grandma."

A 'Made in Maine' Connection

Small businesses in Maine account for 99.2% of all private enterprises in the state. Since small business and community is such an important part of the fabric of Maine, it's incredible when two strong and like-minded businesses come together and form relationships that foster ongoing growth and learning. Sea Bags and Flowfold are two brands with this tale to tell.

Will We Ever Run Out of Sails?

It's no secret that a crucial part of our supply chain is sail acquisition. Without sails, there would be no Sea Bags! As we have grown, it has become imperative that we build a team of sailing enthusiasts who are dedicated to keeping sails out of the landfill. Have you ever wondered how we collect all of our sails? Meet the team behind the scenes.

2021 Season Recap


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