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Adventures and Tales of How Sea Bags Are Made


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Swapping our Boat Shoes for Running Sneakers

After a two year hiatus from in-person racing, this year the TD Beach to Beacon 10K was back in full stride (pun intended). Sea Bags was as excited as ever to provide our support as a sponsor and have a team of 13 participants make the early morning 6.2 mile dash to the finish line. We danced to the live bands, skipped through sprinklers, and took a selfie at each mile marker made by the Sea Bags team out of recycled sail cloth as part of our sponsorship of the race.

Together, We Go Farther

When we're given the chance to be a part of something that promotes sustainability, gives back to our community, and honors our home state of Maine, it's pure gold. That's why we couldn't be more excited to return as a sponsor for this year's TD Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race.

8 Tips to Organize Your Home for Spring

There is never a wrong time to reset and get organized. We've come up with some sustainable ways to help you get tidy around the house. Plastic bins tend to break and become unusable in a short amount of time and in many cases the plastic is not recyclable, nor does it break down in the landfill. Our buckets are sustainably made from recycled sail cloth and able to withstand the wear and tear of busy lives. Plus, they are easily collapsible for travel, storage and even a tight fit in a cabinet.

The Ultimate Sustainable Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding season is upon us, which means wedding goers are desperately searching for the most thoughtful and creative gifts. With one of the biggest wedding seasons on the horizon, we get a fresh start to put more thought into our presents and make them almost as memorable as the big day. We curated a list of unforgettable and sustainable wedding gifts that the newlyweds will use for years to come.

Vera Bradley and Sea Bags Team Up in Sustainability

The quest for sustainable business practices has been driving action by individuals and companies for years, but never more than present. Founded on sustainability, Sea Bags identified the need for repurposing sail cloth, which by design does not break down. Since our founding, we've diverted over 700 tons of sails that were bound for the landfill.

The Power of Building Community Connections

A commitment to community is a cornerstone of the Sea Bags brand. This cornerstone is upheld in so many ways including charity, collaboration, and supporting the people we call our neighbors and friends.

2021 Season Recap