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Adventures and Tales of How Sea Bags Are Made


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Whole List

Coming up with unique and individualized holiday gifts can be time consuming and difficult. We wanted to take that off your plate this year by curating a holiday gift guide with ideas for everyone on your list.

United by the Ocean

It's no secret that our favorite place on earth is a little wharf seated atop the Atlantic Ocean. This wharf has brought us close to individuals from all walks of life – from lobstermen who cruise in and out from our docks with their latest catch, to tourists who excitedly wait in line for their daysail on a historic schooner. And though sometimes we're worlds apart, we are united by one thing: the ocean.

Marine Salvage Meets Sustainable Retail at Sea Bags

It's clear that at Sea Bags, we enjoy rethinking the way materials can be used, whether turning recycled sail cloth into bags or utilizing an old pea boat and transforming it into a retail store fixture. Reusing materials in our retail stores is one of our primary design elements, and we are always trying to push this concept further. Below are 5 of our favorite recycled materials showcased across our nearly 40 stores.

International Coastal Clean Up Day

Once again, on the 3rd Saturday in September, the Sea Bags crew took to the beach to participate in International Coastal Clean-Up Day. The goal is to assist in keeping our coastline and waterways free of trash and debris that can negatively affect the health of our precious coastal ecosystems.


Sea Bags Women's Sailing Team at the J/24 US Nationals

Are All Sea Bags Made From Recycled Content?

Customers who stumble upon Sea Bags are often surprised to learn that every bag we make uses recycled sail cloth. The applique and printing that we apply to the sail material yields colorful and creative designs that make people question just how many are from recycled material. But the truth is that all of our bags are and have always been crafted only from recycled sail cloth.

What Makes Your Recycled Sail Cloth Sea Bag Unique?

Just like wrinkles are a sign of experience and wisdom, our recycled sail cloth has a story to tell about the adventures each sail has seen. The previous life of the sails we reclaim is unique and can be told visually in the character marks found on the sail cloth.

Sea Bags Women's Sailing Team 2021 Season

Our Sea Bags Women's Sailing Team (SBWST) was thrilled to get back on the water in 2021, after their 2020 season was postponed.