Unique & Irreplaceable

Featuring original mainsail insignias, letters & numbers, the Sea Bags Vintage Insignia Collection conjures up cawing gulls, salty sea spray and crisp ocean breezes reminiscent of bygone coastal summers.

Vintage Bristol 26 Tote

What Are
Vintage Bags?

Cut from the 'sweet spot' of the sail, our Vintage selections feature mainsail insignia logos from the sails that spent their life on the water. These vintage markings can range from numbers and letters to mainsail logos and nautical shapes. Some vintage markings are popular like those of the J-boats, where some others are so rare, that we may only ever see one of its kind in our shop.

Recycled into handcrafted totes and accessories on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine, these durable products are machine washable. Because each sail is individually cut and handcrafted into the finished product, every Vintage bag is unique and irreplaceable. New bags are added weekly and there’s only one of each!

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Every sail has a journey

We make sure that journey never ends.

Experience the life of one particular sail, the Satana 22, from its donor Ben Ford.

J24 Featured Insignia Bags

Featured Insignia: J/24

The J/24 class is one of the most popular racing classes for amatuers and seasoned professionals alike. It was created to fulfill the diverse needs of recreational sailors such as cruising, one design racing, day sailing, and handicap racing. The class has more than 50,000 people sailing 5,300 boats worldwide and is still considered the "gold standard" for modern one-design keelboats around the world.

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