A Sustainable Tribute to
Maine's 200th Year of Independence

We are proud to celebrate Maines Bicentennial with a recreation of the historic 1901 Maine flag onto our recycled sail cloth bags. The 1901 flag is a civil war era relic and is full of maritime meaning beyond its historic importance to our home state.

The North Star

The North star has long been used by sailors as a navigation point no matter which direction they had to travel.

The Pine Tree

The Pine Tree in the Maine state flag was included to make our flag unique and recognizable from great distances at sea.

The Unique Buff Color

Meant to resemble the buff color of George Washington’s 1779 Continental Army uniforms.

The Tote

  • Interior lining features the script from the 1820 Maine State Constitution
  • Zippered interior pocket featuring the Maine Bicentennial logo
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The Bucket

  • Includes brushed metal bottle opener
  • Brass grommet hole in the base for melting ice
  • Holds six 12 oz. bottles or four 22 oz. bottles
  • Interior tag with the Maine Bicentennial logo
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The Wristlet

  • Interior includes the Maine Bicentennial logl tag
  • Antique brass grommet
  • Speckled cording for an effortless carry all day
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