The Partnership

Sea Bags + Life is Good Flag Tote

“Life Is Good® is a brand that we have long since admired. As a fellow New England based company focused on giving back to the community, we feel that our mission of sustainability pairs perfectly with their message of thoughtful optimism.”-Beth Greenlaw
Sea Bags President & Co-Founder

Interior Patch being applied to Sea Bags + Life is Good Tote

"We're extremely proud of our partnership with Sea Bags, because the deep values of both companies are so aligned, and the bags themselves are strong, sustainable, one-of-a-kind treasures. They make such a fun canvas for our original artwork and messages of optimism."-John Jacobs
Life is Good® Co-Founder & Chief Creative Optimist

The Products

Life is Good and Sea Bags Latest Collection

Newest Collection

What do you get when you bring together upbeat messages and eco-friendly recycled sail bags? Our latest Life is Good® Collection full of positively perfect carryalls. No matter where you go, they will help set a positive mood while always holding your essentials close at hand.

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Life is Good

Personalized Wedding Totes

Celebrate your special day with a Life is Good Custom Wedding Date Tote. Printed on durable recycled sail cloth. Customize with your date to give these bags a unique touch to you.

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Life is Good Beverage Bucket

Beverage Bucket Bags

The ideal portable beverage bucket to sit back and relax with. The six interior pockets are the perfect fit for brews and other beverages with a center pocket to keep them cool with some ice.

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