New Pink Cure Collection Bags

20% of sales for this collection will be contributed to Maine Cancer Foundation to support prevention, early detection, and access to care.

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New Pink Cure Collection Bags

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Durable, Sustainable & Packable

"This bag is exceptional—the sturdy leather handle ensures a comfortable shoulder carriage, adding to the overall functionality & convenience. I can't recommend this enough!" ~ Vandita W.

A Cherished Pattern in Every Size

"I always loved sea glass hunting adventures when my daughters were growing up. So naturally when I saw this Sea Glass Print, I knew I had to have it!" ~ Jenn H.

A Sustainable Beverage Companion

"This sturdy bag is the perfect versatile size to organize my stuff or keep my drinks cold in each of the beverage slots." ~ Jane W.

Earth Day Bird Collection at a beach

Iconic Birds of America's Waterfront

20% of sales of the American Bird Collection through May 4th will be donated to the American Bird Conservancy in support of their mission to conserve wild birds and their habits throughout the Americas.

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Custom Guestbook Tote hanging on chair in coffee shop

Made to Hold Memories

Turn a guest book into a custom tote. The process is easy and it makes a great gift.

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At Sea Bags, Recycled & Sustainable are not afterthoughts—they are the cornerstones of our brand.

Recycled Materials. All totes and accessories are made from 100% recycled content from recovered sails and sail cloth material. Since 1999, we have diverted over 1.5 million pounds of unusable or retired sail cloth from landfills.

Grounded in Community. A mainstay of the Sea Bags mission has been supporting causes that align with our sustainable, community-centric values. It's an honor to have partnered with and supported so many fantastic organizations making an impact in our local communities both in Maine and in the home ports of our 50 retail stores.